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Lee Skalkos
Totally Out of Hand

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Your child's artwork will be captured forever into a piece of artwork that you can wear!

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Perfect gifts for Grandmothers, Aunts and Moms!
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Child Artwork Jewelry™

If you talk to any mother who no longer has school aged children, they will tell you how they long for the quiet, simple days, when their children used to give them works of art they created with their own tiny hands and a box of crayons...

...As time passed those works of art became misplaced, or even thrown out. Now there is a way to preserve these memories forever, with the permanence of sterling silver. Create an heirloom that can be passed from generation to generation, with your own Child Artwork Jewelry™.

Tears come to my eyes every time I look at it.

"Now I can always have my favorite drawing that my daughter drew close to my heart."

Merriann Twitchell

It's GORGEOUS! I love it!

"You couldn't have done any better. It's big, beautiful...and what a keepsake it will make. My husband hadn't really looked at the drawing we sent... and so he compared the two and thinks it looks just like it. The size and height is great. I was so excited when I saw the box in the mail. It was also packaged so nicely. Thank you so very much! I can't wait to wear it! You're a very talented person!"

Tammy Craig

The "Train, with a Tree," is absolutely wonderful.

"My husband commissioned a pin from you for my Christmas present. It was a design based on a painting my now 14 year old son did when he was six. It is a treasure to have and immediately became my favorite pin! Your interpretation of my son's artwork is so exacting I will wear this piece with such pride!"

Joni Allard

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